27 January 2020


Bulletin 01 from CC 28.01.2020

8 March 2019


Thank you to all involved with the said court case.

Please find the Judgement letter from the court regarding the case against Eskom and TCLM.


8 November 2018

Glencore opening Lydenburg Enterprise Development Hub

On the corner of Voortrekker and Johannes Coetzer Streets, next to Arie’s bicycle shop, a brand new business dream has hatched. The Local Enterprise Development Hub, launched on Thursday 1 November, is a Glencore Lydenburg Smelter initiative in partnership with Regoapele Capital, aimed at incubating new entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

The impressive business hub, elegantly equipped with office space and infrastructure, including an impressive boardroom, provides entrepreneurs a shared working space to build and conduct a business of their own. Katlego Kenoshi and her team from Regoapele Capital, will provide guidance and support for emerging entrepreneurs.

“Here our intent is to welcome people who have a passion for business,” said Conroy van der Westhuizen, General Manager of the Lydenburg Smelter, at the launch. “We would like to establish astute and ethical business leaders in and around our operations.” He emphasised that the facilities and opportunities are for everyone. “We would like to see that this space is occupied and appreciated by all people from our community,” he said, mentioning that people with disabilities have been the front runners of this portal.

Van der Westhuizen paid tribute to Glencore’s Steve Makgoba, who spearheaded the initiative. The focus is not necessarily on mining related businesses, he emphasised. It can be in any field – to gradually minimise the dependency on the mining industry. Entrepreneurialism is what it’s all about

“We would like to establish vibrant businesses, people who are inspiring the next generation. I would like you to embrace this facility, to protect it, but most of all, to use it. This,” Conroy reminded the audience,  “is exciting stuff.”

One of the slogans on a wall inside the Hub, sums up the purpose and spirit of this state of the art facility: Great things in business are never done by one great person. They are done by a team of people, each doing their part in a great way.

For more information, contact Katlego Kenoshi on 013 492 2091


1 March 2018

The heads of argument prepared by our counsel for the court hearing on 15 March 2018.

TCLM HOA 1 March 2018

19 February 2018

Attached is the letter sent to the Premier and Thaba Chweu Municipality on 7 February 2018.  To date we have not received the courtesy of a reply and have requested an urgent response.

Letter to Premier & TCLM - 07.02.2018

30 January 2018

Fantastic news !! The judge in thr High Court has ruled ss follows today.  That our full case against Eskom and the other nine respondents will be heard on 18 March. That until the court case is concluded (which could be a year from now) Eskom MAY NOT INTERRUPT the power supply to TCLM. Very good news !! So we will have power for at least the next six months to a year, depending how long the court case lasts. Leon de Jager LMBC

29 January 2018

Response to the Highcourt for extention


25 Januarie 2018

Update on the Eskom saga. Today our legal team managed to get a urgent court date to present an appeal to the the judge who ruled that the power should be reinstated until 31 Jan 2018. Our date in court is 30 Jan 2018. Why are we back in court again ? Because our legal team, together with the legal team of the Premier, approached Eskom with the view to get them to agree that the “D” day be extended to 31 March 2018 so that there is sufficient time to come to a proper solution.

Eskom failed to respond to our request. So we have no option but to try and convince the judge to keep our lights on. We are optimistic to get a positive ruling.

Leon de Jager LMBC.

24 Januarie 2018

Soos per my artikel in verlede Vrydag het die premier tot nou Vrydag 26ste tyd om sy plan voor die hof te bring. Die bal is in sy court om ons situasie te beredder. Die Besigheidskamer het gister ‘n baie goeie voorlegging saam met Rural Maint aan TCLM gedoen wat behels die oornname van die munisipaliteit se krag netwerk, die Eskom skuld ens. Rural het ook reeds hul voorlegging aan die premier gedoen. Ons is positief dat hul “plan” ‘n oplossing vir ons situasie kan wees. Ons hou jul op hoogte. .


15 January 2018

Leon de Jager , Chairman of the Lydenburg / Mashishing Business Chamber, comments as follows on the Interim Court order granted by the High Court of Mpumalanga on the 27th December 2017.

  • The Court ordered Eskom to restore the full supply of electricity to TCLM with immediate effect and may not  terminate or interrupt the supply until the 31st January 2018
  • Much more important is the order that the judge made against the Premier of Mpumalanga (being the tenth respondent in the case) – The Premier is ordered to report to the Court by 26 January 2018 on his considerations of the non-payment by TCLM and his steps taken to normalise the relationship between TCLM and Eskom. The question is, what are the Premier’s possibilities (considerations)
  • Will he place TCLM under administration (yet again) all the previous instances have failed !
  • Will he appoint a task team of experienced people to come “and sort out” TCLM ?

The real challenge here for the Premier is that whatever plan he comes up with, it will have to be acceptable to Eskom and the Court

(that is the only way that he will be able to “normalise the relationship “ )

  • The Premier is ordered by the Court that, in the event that the matter is not resolved amicably by the 26 January 2018, the Premier must give the court the reasons why he could not resolve the matter.

What does this court order actually imply for us as residents within the TCLM region ?

Firstly, the Judge has placed the responsibility exactly where it must be ! The Premier is the “grootbaas” of TCLM as stated in the applicable legislation governing local authorities.  He, as the head of the provincial government, is responsible to ensure proper local government. He certainly has failed miserably in his task up to now, the annual reports of the Auditor General and the Eskom account testifies to that in no uncertain manner ! So now the Premier must come and explain to the court why he has not done his job, certainly if he fails to resolve the Eskom/ TCLM saga. We are therefore waiting in great anticipation on the Premier’s actions and resolve before the 26 January !

The court further ordered that if the matter Is not resolved by the parties concerned by 31 January, Eskom may proceed again with the interruption of electricity to TCLM.

If that should happen, we as the residents of Lydenburg/Mashishing, Sabie and Graskop will know that the Premier and the Mpumalanga Government have failed us !

There is a plan B, should the matter not be resolved by 31 January 2018, the case between the three Chambers and Eskom (the fifth respondent) will go ahead during March 2018, as ordered by the Court.