Lydenburg P.R.I.D.E. Project

This project is based on the SABIE P.R.I.D.E. project that was initiated by Sabie Chamber of Commerce and Tourism in August 2011.

Lydenburg Mashishing Business Chamber would like to acknowledge Sabie and especially Joy Comley who is currently managing their project with great success!!

  • Picking up our rubbish
  • Restoring our beauty
  • Investing in our future
  • Doing it together
  • Enjoying the results


Aim: To “clean” Lydenburg, restoring it to its former glory as a beautiful Mpumalanga town.

Relies on donations to pay 2-4 workers once a week to clean our streets.

Extra income: Sell bins to put all over town to help prevent littering.

Bin cost: R350 and your company’s name is branded on the bin.

Greenday 7 September 2018

Thanks to all involved with Lydenburg’s Greenday with Hannes Marais:
– Lydenburg Hoërskool Landsdiens
– Wenakker
– Mpumalanga Vleiland
– P.R.I.D.E.
– Working for water


Lydenburg Pothole Project








Glencore started this initiative but we need to support it, to make it continue. Great work was already done to make this town look better.










How to donate towards Projects?

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P.R.I.D.E Project Keeping Lydenburg clean

Pothole Project Making our roads better